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The Freaks Come Out at Night! Field Testing the Nikon D4.

When a new camera is announced I tend to get very exciting and jump around making grunting noises and pointing wildly. Once that settles down a bit I pour over the demo shots put out by the manufacturer, particularly those shot at high ISO for a taste of what it is in store. The demo shots invariably always look very pretty and clean and often not all that applicable to the real world.


MacCachren and McMillin Are Maestros of the CoC

Stardate 11109.10.  I have beamed down to a strange yet familiar planet that appears to be inhabited and led by an odd race of creatures that thrive on speed and dirt.  It is similar to Planet SF.250, the inhabitants consume massive amounts of silt, tacos, beer and whoops but there are far fewer people  and [...]


I am not a Dangercam Damn It!

After a short break from off road racing the 2010 season opened with the BITD Parker 425 on February 4 in Parker, AZ.  Technically the season starts with Laughlin but dwindling entries and a weak course means I don’t really count it.   I often have close calls with race cars, in fact if I don’t [...]


New Years Double Header

New Years Double Header For the second year in a row I got the stupid idea to pull a double header on New Year’s Eve.  In 2008 it was the MDR Bud Light Dash and Rhys Millen’s truck backflip attempt at Red Bull New Year No Limits.   2009 would be very similar.  I started the [...]


Danger Cam Revisited – Now With Extra Danger!

Over the years I have often wondered what my reaction would be if I ever found myself in the situation to be looking down the muzzle of a loaded gun followed the eruption of noise and flame exiting the muzzle in my direction.  Would I spring into action and fight the good fight?  Would I [...]


Races, Faces and Places – Durkalicious 2009 Part II


Fisheye Friday at the Prescott Rally

Taco Tuesday…Wet T Shirt Wednesday…Drunk Annoying Pack of Sloppy Woo Girls Thursday… and now Fisheye Friday. I have always loved rally racing, and the top levels of the sport play host to what I believe are the best drivers in the world.  It had been a little over a year since I shot my last [...]


The Copper State Welcomes the Silver State 300

Saturday, September 26, 2009 4:02 PM; I am squatting in a shallow stream that more closely resembles a bog.  I have been waiting for a racecar for about 30 minutes and I can hear the sweet sounds of a race engine approaching in the distance but the swamp scene from Stand By Me is on [...]


Shooting the Shooters – USPSA Production Nationals

Stardate – September 13th, 2009.  I drive through a guarded checkpoint on the west side of Las Vegas to see hundreds of men and women milling around armed to the teeth.  The sound of rapid gunfire is in the air and bullets repeatedly pierce humanoid forms in the distance.


Giving Back with Banning Motorsports

I recently received a call from Andy the Crew Chief over at Banning Motorsports about a project they were working on. Banning along with the help of many other sponsors was building a new Dual Sport buggy to be raffled off by the American Sand Association (ASA) to raise money. The car will tour the [...]