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Working Conditions

A little clip of me working courtesy of Bryan Collins from the Laughlin Desert Challenge.  All that dirt gave my new 200-400 (its first race) a good break in.  Shooting off road racing is not for the faint of heart.  If you do it right your gear will get thrashed, you will be filthy and [...]


There is no sex in the champagne room.

Before you click the read more thingy be aware that this post contains adult content and is not suitable for minors.  There is no nudity but there are a lot of other adult items like rubber dicks and scantily clad womenfolk. Now, on with the show!  The porn show that is.


Races, Faces and Places – Durkalicious 2009 Part I

About this same time each year I go through all my images from the past year.  Below you will find a collection of my favorite racing shots from the past year.  Some were planned, others were big mistake that worked out well ala Bob Ross and his Happy Accidents.  Each shot will have a small [...]


Races, Faces and Places – Durkalicious 2009 Part II


I’ll make it rain on ‘em… I’ll lay a game to ‘em. NASCAR from Watkins Glen

Thursday, August 6th Mark Rebilas and I flew out to Philadelphia then drove to upstate New York to cover the NASCAR Heluva Good! at the Glen.  This race is one of only two road courses NASCAR runs each year so I was excited to see some right turns and ringers. Track Map I had been [...]